Probable Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton broke with President Obama on a key policy issue Tuesday, claiming the unprecedented number of illegal children flooding into the United States must be deported and returned to their families in Central America.

For years, parents in crime-ridden Central American nations have been sending their children up through Mexico alone to cross the American border.

Driven in part by rhetoric emanating from the White House, these parents believe their children will be safe in the United States and won’t be turned away.

But thousands of these young people — many mere toddlers — die while trekking through Central America and Mexico on their own.

The flood recently became too much for the White House to hide, spilling into warehouses run by the Border Patrol, the Department of Homeland Security and a partnership of other public and private agencies. And the deluge shows no signs of abating.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have both shied away from solutions to the problem. But in a CNN town hall broadcast on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton diverged significantly from her former boss.