Hillary Clinton may not appear on a ballot anywhere for at least another year and a half, but her (first) name will in just a few days.

On Tuesday, Democrats in Washington will head to the polls to decide a contentious mayoral primary, but farther down the ballot, they’ll also have the option of voting for a “D.C. Ready for Hillary” slate of candidates running for party-leadership positions.

The four candidates have no affiliation with the super PAC of the same name, but they’re fired up about the former secretary of State, and want voters to know that.

“We have been strong supporters of Hillary through the years and so we thought that by identifying ourselves with the hopes that she would run, that would help people understand our direction and draw them to us,” said MaryEva Candon, a longtime local party leader who is running on the slate for Democratic national committeewoman from the District of Columbia. Setting the rules for the presidential primary process is a key job for committee members.

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