Given the magnitude of Executive Branch corruption plaguing our nation I would think a future Presidential candidate like Hillary Clinton would be pounding political war drums. Inquiring minds like me are wondering what the aspiring leader of the free world thinks about an administration  investigating innocent citizens private communications, lying under oath, obstructing justice, using the Internal Revenue Service to intimidate and harass it’s political adversaries and covering it all up.

Oops…..wait a minute, I almost forgot. She thinks they all should be impeached and imprisoned. At least that was her position back during Watergate. Where is the Hillary of Watergate? Where is the “patriotic” and outspoken critic of government abuse and corruption when the nation needs her brand of shrill vigilantism? Does she still support—as she did during the 1974 Watergate hearings—Americans right to know or to quote then Ms. Clinton “What did the President know and when did he know it?”


I would like to know if the former and future Presidential candidate is concerned about the daily revelations of mismanagement, incompetence and sleaze emanating from the White House. I would think our media would want to know what Clinton thinks and suggests. After all, they were falling all over themselves to air and print her wisdom on Iraq, Afghanistan, the Patriot Act, Halliburton, Water boarding, Guantanamo, and anti-Islamic You tube video producers. So why is she so silent? Did she fall down and hit her head again?

I do not know what former Senator turned Secretary of State Clinton is doing these days. My guess is she is lying low until the smoke clears and the buried bodies are all decomposing. After all, that is her style.

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