Many of Hillary Clinton’s closest friends and advisers aren’t so sure she should seek the presidential nomination in 2016, despite the growing number of polls and activists who say her candidacy is a sure win for the Democratic Party.

Some are concerned that a campaign would test Clinton’s health and stamina as she approaches her late 60s and would remove her from the causes she holds dear, such as women’s empowerment and childhood development, The Wall Street Journal reports.

Still others worry that a campaign could revive some of the scandals from her husband, Bill Clinton’s, presidency that could prove painful. One potential Republican candidate, Rand Paul, is resurrecting the Monica Lewinsky affair from nearly 20 years ago, and others will likely follow suit as the 2016 campaign heats up.

She also will likely face tough questions about her own past, including personal finances raised during her husband’s first term and her reaction to the Benghazi, Libya, terror attacks while she was secretary of state.

One of Clinton’s top advisers and friends, Cheryl Mills, who represented Bill Clinton in his Senate impeachment trial and served as Hillary’s chief of staff at the State Department and counsel to her presidential campaign in 2008, has told at least three people she should not run, the Journal reports.

Mills would not comment on the rumored statements or confirm them, nor would Clinton’s office.