The city of Mosul fell to ISIS, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, forces after only four days of fighting with Iraqi security.

Question: just how much money did we spend training the Iraqis – how much ordinance did we donate to their cause of “democracy”, only to have it fall into the hands of terrorists?

The ISIS forces, 1300 terrorists, overran the city of Mosul using what was described as “heavy weapons” such as “rocket launchers”, as Iraqi forces threw down their weapons, changed into civilian clothing and fled.

If I may go off topic: where might they have gotten rocket launchers? I’ll put it another way: what was Ambassador Stephens doing in the run-up to his murder in Benghazi? Was he running weapons – like machine guns and rocket launchers? Just asking.

Okay, back to it.

So the people of the world thought the Iraqis had it bad under Saddam Hussein? Saddam will look like a picnic compared to these guys.

You know the saying; nature abhors a vacuum. Well these guys are filling the vacuum of power in Iraq. And when I say these are bad dudes, I mean bad dudes! They were kicked out of Al Qaeda for being too radical. Everywhere they’ve been there is a trail of mutilated and decapitated bodies.

Upon sacking Mosul, ISIS tweeted (yes tweeted): “… Civilians don’t need to worry… Economy and situation will be normal again under Islamic Sharia Law…”

Yes, no need to worry!

They’ve also taken parts of Fallujah and control Ramdi as well as the Syrian city Raqqa.

City after city has fallen to them, and they have begun invoking the three rules of Sharia: Convert, pay the jizya (protection money for non-Moslems), or die.

There also on the verge of controlling Iraq’s oil export region and its largest refinery.

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