By:  Lynn Jolly

In 2012, Michelle Obama pushed for the enactment of new rules and regulations governing lunches and snacks served to students in public schools. The program soon became known as the Michelle O lunch program.

There have been numerous reports on the horrors associated with the Michelle O lunch program. Some reports have revealed that students were served moldy food as in the case of a boy attending a Head Start school in Georgia. His mom wanted to know why her son wasn’t eating his lunches and he told her it was bad. When she investigated the matter, she discovered that her son was given lunches with old coleslaw and moldy French fries. The mom took photos and said that lunches were more suitable for the garbage can than for the kids.

In another instance, students in North Carolina were being served red and pink burgers as part of their Michelle O lunches. When parents complained, the school informed them that the burgers were fully cooked in a steamer per new Michelle O lunch rules. Supposedly, the steamer left parts of the meat patties pink and red even though they were supposed to be fully cooked. Many students still refused to eat the raw looking meat.

Many reports surfaced of students throwing most or all of their school lunch into the garbage can instead of eating them. When a student in northern California wasn’t hungry and offered to share the chicken burrito from his Michelle O lunch with another student, he was given detention. The student felt that it was better to share his food with another student instead of throwing it in the garbage can, but Michelle O’s lunch rules forbid the sharing of food, so the well-intentioned student was punished for his goodwill gesture.

A West Virginia teacher had the habit of rewarding her students with a piece of wrapped candy for their hard work and high test scores. However, the candy was banned by the Michelle O lunch program so she was threatened with fines if she continued to reward her students with the wrapped candy. I wonder how many pieces of candy Michelle Obama has consumed since pushing her mandate on others? I also wonder if the White House menu conforms to the Michell O lunch mandates she has forced on everyone else.

The Michelle O lunch programs also were costing school districts to spend a lot more money on the healthier food. At time when many school districts are hurting financially and having to lay off teachers and cut programs, Czarina Obama’s healthy lunch program placed more of a financial burden on many school districts. The cost of the healthier lunches was forcing many school districts to abandon and opt out of the national school lunch program because they can’t afford it.

The bottom line of Her Majesty’s lunch mandate has resulted in more teacher layoffs, programs cut, students punished and many students going hungry.

Per a new report, the conservative House Freedom Caucus is asking President-elect Donald Trump to ‘rethink’ the Michelle O lunch restrictions placed on public schools:

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