The House was in no rush to take up an internet tax bill that senators approved Monday night. And even if the House takes up the issue, lawmakers said, it will be a bill very different from the Seante’s.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., said to expect “thoughtful” consideration in the House, which will involve committee debate and amendments.

The version passed in the Senate by a 69-27 vote “has a long way to go,” Goodlatte said Monday.

Goodlatte said the Senate bill does not go far enough to simplify the way online businesses would go about taxing out-of-state customers.

The Senate bill would give states the authority to tax large online retailers. Those sellers would collect the sales tax from buyers, even if those customers live in a state with no sales tax.

Conservatives and senators from states with no sales tax opposed the bill. They argued it would be a job-killing burden for small online retailers forced to collect taxes in other states.

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