Hate to tell you Mr. President but Islam is at war.  With us.  Not that you’d notice, or admit it if you did.

The media has been in a frenzy since the bombs went off in Boston, hoping for a “white guy” to be the bomber.  At best, a “tax protestor” white guy.  Well Karma is a bitch.

Chech Terrorist

Please note “World view: Islam” on his Facebook page.  Leftists are grasping at straws because Chechens happen to be Caucasian and their desperation is simply pathetic.  Here’s a tweet from Cynthia Tucker, a hard core leftist.

Cynthia Tucker

The President and his flacks have been trying to make friends with Islamists since his first day in office.  So far we’ve got the Muslim Brotherhood in control – sort of – of Egypt making life hell for all Egyptians while they institute Sharia.  Who cares if the economy goes to hell or a few Christians get tortured and murdered, its small price to pay for new friends.

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