By:  Jim Delaney

Sobered and deeply troubled by the election debacle on November 6th, and mindful that Obama and his Progressive minions are now more determined than ever to completely undermine over the next four years what precious little remains of this Republic, it becomes crystal clear to me that a genial solution to our nation’s challenges is impossible.

So, what can we do? Well, I think we can eliminate impeachment as a realistic remedy.

Bear in mind that impeachment (indictment) is a political–not a legal–process. A majority in the House of Representatives can impeach, but 2/3 of the Senate is required to convict and remove a sitting President. And because it is such an onerous and highly politicized process, only two Chief Executives, Andrew Johnson and William Clinton, have ever been impeached, though, significantly, neither of them was convicted and removed from office.

Given the Progressive plague which has swept DC, both on the left and the right, the chances of successfully applying this two-step process is, therefore, very, very remote. As things now stand, it appears only a flagrant act of presidential treason or murder would persuade the House and Senate to respectively impeach and remove Obama. (Readers may refer to my Opinerlog post entitled “Obama: Is Impeachment a Viable Option?” for a fuller discussion of this subject.)

Briefly, despite deliberate and all too often successful political attempts over the years to misinterpret the meaning of “high crimes and misdemeanors”, objective research manifestly renders Obama both impeachable and removable. Why? We must remember that “high crimes and misdemeanors” aren’t limited to murder and treason. In fact, our Founders considered mal-administration, breach of public trust, abuse of power, negligence and, yes, even immoral behavior, among others, as impeachable offenses.

In essence, an impeachable offense is not necessarily an indictable offense and an indictable offense is not necessarily an impeachable offense. Simply put, an impeachable offense is WHATEVER Congress may say it is at any given time.

That said, I refer you to Canada Free Press which has creditably kept track of Obama’s impeachable offenses–50+, so far. As of today, we may be able to add several others, among those being Benghazigate (selling arms to Islamists) and committing US military assets to Libya without Congressional approval. Thus, while the CFP list is hardly exhaustive, it does fairly highlight some of the more egregious offenses so far committed by this imperial president. In their totality, these offenses are breathtaking in scope and seriousness. But, again, ONLY if the House indicts, and ONLY if the Senate convicts can this or any other offensive Chief Executive be removed.

From my lowly vantage point, Obama is, hands-down, the most impeachable chief executive in our nation’s history. And because he is constitutionally ineligible for re-election in 2016–this despite an odious proposal by Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY 15th), member of the Progressive Caucus and the  Democratic Socialists of America, to eliminate presidential term limits–short of  impeachment and removal, incapacity or death we have only our God-given natural & constitutional rights of resistance, i.e. civil disobedience, nullification, secession and rebellion, to shield us from Obama’s brazen utopian transformation of this union and our steady slide into economic oblivion. And to rely on the federal courts to support the Constitution against this Progressive thug is painfully delusional.

So, yes, folks, sorry to say, but the remedy is now squarely on our shoulders and on the shoulders of our respective States to resist. We can rely on nothing else, nor should we. Wishful thinking, benign neglect, blind faith, and prayers alone won’t turn the tide and save this tattered Republic. And with both our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights under relentlessly single-minded attack, now more than ever patriots need to be solidly united, fearless and determined.

Are the States up to it? Are we up to it? That remains to be seen.

Going forward, let our Founders’ counsel and the Constitution be our guide.


Author:   Jim Delaney is a”retired” 2003 Assoc. Dir. for Immigration (Diocese of Rochester, NY); a small business owner ; a former Captain/Infantry Vietnam and Special Warfare Center.  He managed disaster and micro-development projects in developing countries for 10 years following his military service.  He has a blog at; and is a member of the American Legion, Rochester Tea Party, NRA, and GOA.