Where I live, gas is about $3.41 a gallon. The national average is some 24 cents higher, and it might be higher where you live.

Already, we have federal and state gas taxes that are embedded in the price of gasoline that are supposed to fund construction and maintenance of roads and highways.

But imagine if a gallon of gas was all of a sudden $1.40 more expensive. This is what the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is suggesting. They think this gas tax would be a good idea to fend off global warming and save the environment.

A few days ago, we reported how global warming isn’t progressing as many scientists expected it to. According to The Economist, the Earth has added 100 billion tons of carbon just in the years between 2000 and 2010, which represents about a quarter of all carbon emitted by humans since 1750. Yet, scientists are having to admit that there is a hiatus in temperature rises. All they can say is that the non-rising temperature is puzzling. It doesn’t correlate with their presumed theory that carbon emissions cause global temperatures to rise. I’m sure they’ll think of something to keep the myth going. That’s what they’re paid to do.