Income inequality appears to be the latest leftist mantra. It seems not a day goes by where Obama is reading something off his Teleprompter pertaining to the unfair practice of “Income Inequality”.

I say reading his Teleprompter, because I know, as do you, he cares nothing about this topic. He knows, as do we, that is just the latest focus group tested whine from the left, hopefully capable of keeping Obamacare off the front page.

Really, it must be tiring to be a committed leftist (and they all should be committed). Are they now or have they ever been happy? It must be tiring to be that angry all the time – constantly moving from one misguided cause to another. Sheesh – I’m tired just thinking about it.

It must be even more tiring being a Democrat politician, having to pretend to care about all this nonsense just to maintain the power they appear to crave so badly.

Anyway, Glenn Beck brought up the income crap yesterday. But before I talk about that, let’s go back to late last year when MSNBC’s Krystal Ball (yes, apparently that is her real name) went on a rant, advocating for a “Mincome”, a national minimum guaranteed income. Remember that?

She claimed that “research” showed that a “Mincome” would not create a disincentive to work and it could “eliminate poverty”.

Yes, every citizen would be guaranteed a monthly minimum income.

Well, first off, don’t we already do that? It’s called welfare, SSI, WIC, SNAP, etc. – as well as what are becoming permanent unemployment benefits. Will these “entitlements” be forfeited in lieu of a “Mincome”? I rather doubt it.

And second – are not the current transfer payments already causing a disincentive to work? And now they want to pile on more?

Well, as socialistic as that idea is, Glenn spoke of the “Maxcome” or maximum income scheme now picking up steam in leftist circles. Yes, the left wishes to institute an arbitrary maximum wage one can earn.

Last year there was a greatly anticipated vote in socialist Switzerland to initiate just such a “Maxcome”. The American left was positively giddy of the prospect of a whole country adopting such a progressive, forward thinking policy.

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