On Thursday, President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden once again demonstrated how unbiblical and perverted our government has become, by hosting their annual LGBT celebration.  The celebration and speech by Obama reminded me of the pagan rituals described in the Bible, as they reveled in their sinful lifestyles that God described as an abomination.

I was abhorred at the way Obama paraded a set of 9 year old twins out before the crowd.  The twins supposedly wrote to Obama about the things they wanted to see him do, including legalizing same-sex marriage.  The reason for the twins request was made clear when Obama said that they were there with their ‘moms.’

Obama went on to announce all of the gay and lesbian people present at the celebration.  He proudly announced that the Senate had just confirmed his appointment of Nitza Quiñones Alejandro to a federal judgeship in Pennsylvania.  She is the first openly lesbian federal judge and the fifth openly homosexual federal judge in our land of depravity.