I’m not gonna lie. I laughed at the new Lena Dunham(who?) ad for Obama. I love comedy and her delivery was perfect. And really, it was a perfect ad. It was the perfect ad to sum up the entirety of Obama campaign platform: vaginas.

Last October Republicans were shocked and perplexed when objective professional journalist George Stephanopolous asked then primary candidate Mitt Romney a question about banning birth control during one of the primary debates. It was an odd question and seemingly came out of nowhere. It rocked Romney back on his feet for a minute as he tried to digest the insanity of such an inquiry. The next day we were all wondering just which box of hair dye Stephanopolous had pulled that random question out of? Enter Sandra Fluke, begging for birth control on Capitol Hill and ushering in the War on Women. We’ve been knee deep in vagina ever since.

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