The Internal Revenue Service has strict codes regulating the lawful operations of 501(c) (4) charities like “Organizing for Action (OFA)” the new Obama social welfare advocacy group that succeeded “Obama for America” the Presidents official 2012 re-election campaign. After a little tax code research, I have, come to the conclusion, that OFA and President Obama bear investigation by the U.S. House of Representatives for not only potential ethics transgressions but for alleged U.S. tax law violations.

IRS regulations state: 501(c)(4) non-for profit organizations (i.e. Organizing for Action) must be operated “exclusively for the promotion of social welfare.” 501 (c)(4) groups are not prohibited from participating in campaigns or elections as long as they serve the goal of “social welfare.”

I would think that President Obama, educated man that he is, understands the concept of “social welfare,” but maybe not, given social welfare requires knowledge of social welfare’s economic origins. After all, economics is a subject that Obama has had little regard for unless it requires blindly signing legislation that redistributes Americans income to his constituency.

Even if we allow for Liberal Democrat’s idealistic fantasies touting future economic benefits from legally owned gun regulation—or what liberals may try to characterize as “social welfare” i.e. decreased gun violence in America—both reality and government crime statistics prove the Obama team wrong every day. U.S. Department of Justice statistics prove that violent crime, specifically gun related violent crime is decreasing, not increasing in America. Taking away guns or ammunition will have an adverse effect on social welfare and have a negative economic benefit.

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