Barack Obama’s Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson announced her resignation on Thursday. Many reports are coming out that Jackson is leaving before there can be an investigation launched into the EPA’s alleged illegal use of private emails for official government business. writes:

Federal law bars government employees from using private email accounts for official communications unless the emails are appropriately stored and can be tracked. The objective is to ensure open government.

Apparently, though, Jackson would prefer to work in the shadows outside the disinfecting light.

Suspicions led the Environmental Protection Agency inspector general to launch a probe into Jackson’s email use and prompted at least two congressional committees to dig around as well.

What we now know is that Arvin Ganesan, EPA associate administrator for congressional and intergovernmental affairs, confirmed to six interested House members on Dec. 12 that Jackson did indeed use the name “Richard Windsor” in secret email exchanges on a private account.

So what is consumed to have been communicated in these emails?

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