The internet has been on fire about this “Disarmament Commission – Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group” document that has been floating Screen Shot 2013-08-16 at 12.02.12 PMaround social media sites. There have been many reporters “claiming” this document is a fraud. I would like to dig a little deeper to see if they are possibly spreading disinformation in order to calm down the American people, or are they telling the truth?

According to Politifact:

The document is persuasive enough to have been picked up by pro-gun advocates on a few message boards and Facebook pages. But is it real? When we checked with the United Nations, a spokesman declared it a fake. “I checked the document number on our internal document system, and the reply I got back now was simply, ‘There is no document matching your request,’ said Farhan Haq, associate spokesperson for the Secretary-General. “The document number (A/CN.11/L.72) doesn’t conform to our standard system, in any case.” In addition, Haq said, “there is no such body as a ‘Civilian Weapons Confiscation Study Group.’ Nor does the United Nations involve itself in confiscating weapons from member states.” Finally, Haq said, “the use of blue ink, some of the type font and the scanner icon in the bottom right-hand corner are not found in real U.N. documents. So, in several different ways, this document is fake.” Our ruling A document found on the Internet and circulating via email and social media says that a United Nations working group has “adopted a proposed agenda” to enable member nations to “disarm civilians within their borders.” If the document were real, it would confirm the worst fears of those who fear a mass confiscation of handguns, hunting rifles and ammunition in the U.S. — but a United Nations spokesman cited several reasons for concluding that the document is a fake, including the fact that the study group referenced in the document does not exist. We rate the document Pants on Fire.


I would like to point out that according to the PolitiFact article:” Farhan Hag, associate spokesperson for the Secretary-General, said “The document number (A/CN.11/L.72) doesn’t conform to our standard system, in any case”.

But is this true? First we need to ask some very important questions.

1.Is there a motive to lie?

2. Are these statements posted on Politifact factual?

3.Have these reporters been known for disinformation campaign’s before?

4. What purpose could be obtained by covering up and spreading disinformation?

5. Does UNODA have a history of “disarming citizens” in other countries?

6. Are there ties to New York City? Finally, is this document real?

Yes, there is a motive to lie. By denying this UNODA “restricted” document, it buys the corrupt officials within our government and the United Nations more time for “damage control.” It is no secret that the United Nations has intentions to “disarm” the American people, nor is it a surprise that our government and Mainstream Media (paid off pundits) are covering up the fact our government is still working with the United Nations to implement UN Agenda 21 within the United States
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