By:  Marilyn Assenheim

Warner Todd Huston, a Chicago Free-lance writer, once wrote: “If a conservative is a vegetarian, he won’t eat meat. If a liberal is, he wants to ban meat products for everyone.” Unspoken is that liberals believe they have sole moral authority and the right to decree that there is only one way of thinking or doing things: Their way. And their way is to make relentless inroads into what is and is not acceptable for everyone else, regardless of dissenting opinion, regardless of evidence, regardless of the irrationality inherent in their conclusions. Facts are meaningless; they say so, they want it that way. Things should be what they wish and that’s enough to morph liberal desire into truth. Freedom of speech be damned. This point of view is one that has become increasingly prevalent in today’s society. Another name for it is “fascism.” It is rare that a dissenting voice or hand has been lifted against it.

Evidence of wanton disregard of fact in favor of wishful thinking is presented to us in the “news” every day. Conflating myth with truth is also known as “psychosis.” A recent crop includes items of unfathomable tale-telling such as:

Outlandish as all of the above items are, pride of place has been given to this last piece. It would merit attention if only because it is a perfect illustration of something so insignificant and preposterous that it might only induce laughter. Until it becomes the law of the land. Take, for example, FLOTUS’ unpalatable, inadequate intrusion into school lunch programs. It doesn’t matter that kids go to class hungry and can’t learn because what they are being fed is inedible. It doesn’t matter that The Lyin’ King scarfs down fat-burgers whenever he can escape her clutches. Or that FLOTUS serves 5,000- calorie-per-plate state dinners. So widespread has her inexpert, hypocritical influence become that school districts, nation-wide, have even denied parents the authority to provide their own children packed lunches. Current reality dictates that liberals never stop with minor, tentative incursions. Think an out-of-control two-year old, pushing the edge of the envelope. But parents aren’t even permitted to discipline their own children any longer. That’s where we are on a national scale.

One might argue that it has always been this way. It hasn’t. The liberal drive for control, bordering on possession, used to be in the closet. This regime, however, has facilitated a seismic shift in what is now permissible; such madness may always have been with us but any pretense to sanity has slipped the leash; it is now a state-sanctioned pursuit. People who had begun by laughing at the regulation of their toilets, their diets, their privacy and curtailing the freedom to express themselves, aren’t finding those subjects quite so funny anymore.

There are plenty of cheerleaders, mobbing the “popular kids” self-righteous band wagon, sitting in judgment on the rest of us. What is absent are dissenting voices, voices that loudly push back and reject the bullying the left professes to hate. The first step should be to expose subjects that shouldn’t be considered merely “funny;”It’s insanity. Insanity that could cost dearly if all we do is laugh instead of nipping it in the bud.

This will be an ongoing column devoted to doing just that.

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