Eleanor Holmes Norton is a Democrat Delegate representing the District of Columbia. Since she represents D.C., she cannot vote on legislation, but she can speak on the House floor and serve on committees.

Recently, during the House Democratic Steering and Policy hearing on the impact of sequestration, Delegate Norton posited that the reason our economy isn’t doing so well is that the government as a whole is shrinking:

“What is shrinking is not the private sector – it’s hard for them to grow because the public sector, both the state sector and the federal government is shrinking and they are having to grow it all by themselves and that is why we don’t have much growth.”

It’s good that she doesn’t have any voting rights, but her faith in government is hardly unique. Talk to most politicians today, and they’ll tell you that a legitimate role of government is to grow the economy.

Since the government can’t actually produce anything of value, all it can do is create the illusion of economic growth by injecting debt into certain sectors of the economy. This creates a bubble, giving the impression that that particular sector of the economy is robust. And the bubble keeps growing until market realities pressure the bubble into bursting, rendering all the assets that the government purchased with debt completely worthless.

It’s gotten to the point where this “quantitative easing” just doesn’t do the trick anymore. People are seeing right through all the smoke and mirrors of our debt-based financial system. The government was never able to grow our economy. Any “growth” brought about by the government was always an illusion, and the chickens are now coming home to roost.