Six days left until we oust the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the good American people. Six days of mudslinging and Hurricane Sandy slinging from the left. The spin from the liberal mainstream media is dizzying. Benghazi seems like a distant memory in the citizen’s memory, after Sandy took front and center stage.

Our faux president is still campaigning, even at the Red Cross. “We are leaving no one behind”, he says to the lapdogs in the media.  “We are moving forward,” he says, craftily inserting campaign slogan. At the Red Cross he said, “We will cut through the red tape, get resources where they are needed.”   Doesn’t he know “red tape” is the exact definition of what the government is?  He is not acting presidential; he is acting like a community organizer spokesperson. He is all actor, and no talent; all talk and no action. I cannot believe he has the nerve to insert campaign slogans into our pain and suffering.

He says we are in the “recovery phase”.  Really?  Seriously?  He doesn’t give a rat’s patooty about a recovery; he really couldn’t care less. I think he likes this game, pretending to be sad for us when he is really happy the entire Northeast is just a photo-op to him–a big, messy, swampy recovery.

Obama said, “Go knock on your neighbor’s door… Give to the Red Cross…In the darkness of the storm, I think we also saw what’s brightest in America.”

(Really, Obama? How did they see “brightness” while 7 million were without power and sitting in the dark?)

Then comes the “uh oh” moment:  “America’s tougher because we leave nobody behind. We make sure we respond as a nation. We remind ourselves that whenever an American is in need all of us stand together to provide the help that’s necessary.”

OOPS—guess the president forgot about BENGHAZI. We left four citizens to die there.  Our ambassador was left to die.  No one lifted a finger and those who tried were told to STAND DOWN.  Reports are coming out that those who tried to help are being relieved of their duties and commands.

Amazing that our “Commander” in Chief doesn’t want commanders–he fires them, he disgraces them, he de-commands them, yet he doesn’t take any action without running it by Valerie Jarrett . The failure during the Benghazi attack is because of our White House and Jarrett, our CIA, NSA and the Department of Defense.  Instead of referring to Hurricane Sandy, Obama should have given the order to “leave nobody behind” in Benghazi.

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