Democrats act all outraged at the suggestion that Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would ever do anything to endanger the lives of personnel stationed overseas in order to win re-election. Well guess what – that’s exactly what happened. They lied, gave orders to stand-down, didn’t send help, failed to act, changed the facts, covered-up, lied some more, went to Vegas, lied again, got help from Candy Crowley, got some other people to lie, intimidated witnesses and are now going after the folks testifying to the truth.

Since they took office the Administration has been holding a gun to the head of nearly every American in its quest to exact maximum pain on each of us to achieve Barack Obama’s political objectives. First, printing and spreading money around to their supporters, then bribing members of Congress to pass legislation, and now engaging in activity and cover-ups such as Fast & Furious, the Sequester and now the murders in Benghazi.

It makes me wonder what they’ve done that we don’t know about.

What we do know is that whether it’s public unions, the IRS, the Justice Department, the EPA and a whole lotta other government personnel – it’s clearly become a case of Us versus Them. When kids are denied tours of the White House as the Muslim Brotherhood lines its coffers with taxpayer money – you know the federal government is lined up against us. When pilots come over loudspeakers to announce you’re being delayed because of a phony sequester crisis – you know the federal government is lined up against us. When teachers and their unions fail to teach your children basic math, science and English, yet scream for more money and pensions – you know what it is:

Government is no longer the parasites, they are the host organism and as far as they’re concerned we are here to feed the monster and shut the hell up.

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