I think a lot of us were hoping that Janet Napolitano’s move to The University of California would take her out of the political eye. Not likely. The former head of the Department of Homeland Security has announced a pledge of $5 million to help illegals attend the University of California.

What is wrong with this picture? The person who was sworn to protect the interests of Homeland Security and protect our borders is now throwing money at those who violated those borders.

And they call me a conspiracy theorist?Open your eyes.SFGate reports:

In her first major speech since becoming president of the University of California last month, Janet Napolitano committed $15 million to three groups, including $5 million to help students in the country illegally with financial aid and counseling.

How is this even possible? Are Americans in such a complete stupor that we cannot even recognize that all of Obama’s appointees and nominees are in place to destroy rather than protect? How can a woman go from being, arguably, the last line of defense for our borders to being the best friend of the people who broke the laws she was supposed to be upholding?

Does a woman just wake up one day and think… Gee, rather than trying to keep illegals out let’s just give them a free education to attract more?

I think not.

This is simply more of the lie of the Obama Administration being revealed.
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