Like war, politics sometimes has strange bedfellows. You know, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Well, he ain’t heavy and he sure ain’t my brother or my friend, but I wholeheartedly agree with that all-around good guy and race pimp, Jesse Jackson, when he uttered no truer words than, “I say America, stay out the Bushes. Stay out the Bushes. Stay out the Bushes. Stay out the Bushes. Stay out!

Those immortal words ring no truer than they do today, because this time it is Jeb Bush the establishment is attempting to foist upon us.

Now that Krispy Kreme Christie has, at least for now, fallen out of favor, Jeb appears to be the next Bob Dole, John McCain or Mitt Romney (although Romney sure has been right about Russia).

I guess it’s his turn. He’s the big government progressive, the “next man up”, or at least he’s crowned himself that.

As an aside: raise your hand if you’re tired of the names Bush and Clinton. This isn’t football or basketball. They aren’t the Steelers, 49ers or Patriots or Celtics or Bulls. There should be no dynasties in American politics. Both families just need to go away.

Okay, back to it.

Well Jeb, I suppose, is attempting to sound like the more reasonable middle-of-the-road candidate – the one that won’t scare away the precious independent voter and cause them to run to the side of a radical Marxist like Hillary. Yes, that has always made sense.

Jeb has come out in favor of the Common Core Curriculum. You know the one. It’s the, “your kids won’t learn a darn thing except how to take a standardized test and score well on the SAT, curriculum”.

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