Deep-pocketed GOP donors are in a quandary about whose coffers to fill in the 2016 presidential race, The New York Times reports.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was comfortably atop the GOP field, garnering support from various factions of the party. Then the George Washington Bridge lane-closing scandal broke, raising questions about his ability to win the nation’s top office.

Despite Bridge-gate, the Times said donors felt they had no viable alternative,  so they had to gamble that Christie would be able to rehab his image.

Enter Jeb Bush, popular former Republican governor of Florida, a large swing state, who’s also brother and son of presidents.

Bush has been evasive about his intentions for 2016, but momentum began building in recent weeks as he started to appear more serious about considering a run.

This puts donors in an awkward spot. Many of them credit the Bush family — a golden name in GOP circles — with giving them their entree into politics

“They love the Bush family,” said Barry Wynn, former chairman of the Republican Party in South Carolina as well as a George W. Bush fundraiser. “They love the whole package, and they feel Jeb is just a part of the package.”
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