Vice President Joe Biden said he hasn’t decided whether to run for president in 2016, but he insists that his decision does not hinge on whether former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton enters the race.

“The only reason a man or woman should run for president, and I’m sure Hillary views it the exact same way, is if they think they’re better positioned to be able to do what the nation needs at the moment,” Biden recently told CBS News.

Biden said he’d decide whether to run again “later on down the road.”

“It’s too early to do that right now. I’ve got a job to do in the meantime,” said the vice president.

“And if I do the job well and decide to run for president it’ll help, if I do the job well and decide not to run for president, it won’t help, and if I don’t run for president it will all be OK,” Biden added.

Biden later told NBC News that in his “heart” he believed he could be a good president.

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