Ah yes, the time of year when the calendar gives way to the beginning of the next year. A time for reflection; a time for a look back at this year, and the previous years leading up to it, that got us where we are today.

Unfortunately, aside from the personal stories of faith, family and quiet personal lives, it seems liberty-loving Americans don’t have much to reflect on in the past several years that doesn’t deserve an instance of a Pepto chaser. While I certainly do not have enough computer memory to list all the ways our government has grown in it’s Marxist stronghold over a once free people, I can certainly pick on one.

And honestly, who doesn’t like picking on John Kerry. Seriously. If there was anything the man had said or done that wasn’t a complete lie or comical, it would be funny. Since he doesn’t have any real power, you know, like representing the US in foreign policy, he’s just all fun and games. Oh wait. He’s going to succeed Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State now.

How does one fill shoes so manly? How about a dazzling review of his Presidential campaign of character in which he lied about his own military service, or the conduct of the Swift Boat veterans? No, we already heard that one. How about we unwrap a beauty of a little package of lies from only a few years back? One full of distortions, fear mongering and false-predictions on what global warming will do to us? Sounds fun! Are you ready for the fun?