By: Onan Coca

In a dialogue that probably shouldn’t be surprising for us, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest is surprised to learn that President Obama has set a new standard for economic failure.

During a recent press conference Earnest was confronted with a shocking statistic by one of the reporters in the White House press pool. Apparently, President Obama is the FIRST President in almost a century to not experience a year of economic growth of over 3%! The last President to have the distinction was Herbert Hoover, who had the misfortune of leading the nation as the world entered the Great Depression in 1929.

When confronted with the truth of Obama’s economic impotence, Earnest can only muster a response of “I’ll look into it”…

While the media will probably only regard this as a piece of trivia that doesn’t really “matter” in the grand scheme of things, the truth is that it really does speak to the problem of the Obama era.

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