By:   Lisa Payne-Naeger

Thank God that the focus in government has begun to highlight the rampant malfeasance of judicial branch. For decades Americans have been bickering and arguing over the legislative and executive branches while the judicial branch has been quietly building a wall around themselves and stacking the deck to obtain absolute power and autonomy, yes, autonomy in shaping the culture by legislating from the bench. And no one has been aware, unless of course, you have the misfortune to be dragged into it.

Now, with all the emphasis on the 9th Circuit, and its radical judicial activism, people are becoming aware of just how much power they have accumulated and sadly that they are nearly impossible to discipline, or eliminate when they “behave badly.”

Ed Martin lays it out here in this Newsmax piece. The judiciary was never meant to hold the authority it has assumed for itself.

After President Donald Trump signed an order stopping foreigners from entering America, there was general outcry from liberals. This was expected.

What happened next was expected too: the left ran to court seeking a like-minded traveler to enact their preference. They found him and, a few days later, a federal judge in Washington state decided that he would set national policy on foreigners entering America. He suspended the lawful action of the executive branch and imposed his own policy preference. His ruling, by his design, has national impact. At the least, the judge’s decree was overboard; at worst, it was extra-constitutional.

Happily, President Trump seems ready to face this judge head on and, as such, to take on one of America’s pressing problems: an out-of-control judiciary. It is high time.

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