Secretary of State John Kerry told the press in Beijing that he discussed with Chinese government officials investing in America’s infrastructure. Kerry called the security concerns “very, very few; very, very little.”

“We welcome Chinese investment in the United States. And a very, very small percentage of investment is subject to a process where we have a security evaluation because of the nature of the business or the particular location. But it’s very, very few; very, very little. And obviously, there are sometimes concerns when there’s a state ownership of a particular business because that raises a different set of considerations,” Kerry said, in response to a question about what he said to encourage Chinese investment in America.

“But for true private sector private investment, we have countless opportunities and we welcome that investment. One of the things I’ve discussed with the State Councilor tonight was the possibility of China investing in infrastructure. We have proposals in the United States Congress to creature infrastructure bank. We have huge infrastructure needs in the United States for a certain series of projects like water projects, transportation projects, energy projects. Those are all revenue-producing projects. So they are projects from which pension funds and other kinds of investments can make a return on investment and everybody benefits. It’s a win-win-win. It’s a win for the investors, it’s a win for the countries, and ultimately it’s a win for the place where the infrastructure gets built.