You’ve undoubtedly seen the “No Kid Hungry” advertisements on websites. They’ve even popped up here in Google ads on The New American (before we specifically requested that they be blocked). The Food Network is a big sponsor of the program, as are Walmart, Denny’s restaurants, and Sysco Corporation. Actor Jeff Bridges (True Grit, Tron, Iron Man) is the national spokesman for the “No Kid Hungry” program.

Now, who could be opposed to an effort to feed hungry children? Exactly: The folks at No Kid Hungry — Share Our Strength know how to push the compassion button to raise lots of funds to lobby for ever bigger and more costly government programs, while at the same time creating an ever-expanding welfare class that will be mired in permanent dependency and provide ready foot soldiers for President Obama … or any other “Hope and Change” candidate who promises more government handouts.

The No Kid Hungry website informs us what “The Solution” is for ending childhood hunger:

We’re ending childhood hunger by connecting kids to effective nutrition programs like school breakfast and summer meals.

“Connecting” invariably means, as the organization’s literature makes clear, hooking more families up with more government programs. It continues:

We have taken major steps toward ending childhood hunger. The national campaign is at work in all 50 states through our state and city-based campaigns, nutrition education programs, and our investments in local community partners.

It doesn’t take much poking around on the No Kid Hungry website to see that the organization’s primary focus is herding more children and families into more government food programs, and calling on its members and supporters to lobby federal, state, and local governments to expand current food programs and initiate new ones.

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