In a story that would send shivers down any civilized person’s spine, Hyon Song-wol, former lover of megalomaniac leader of North Korea/epitome of evil, Kim Jong-un, was rewarded for 10 years of devotion by being dragged before a firing squad.

Hyon and 11 other well-known North Korean pop music performers were recently arrested and, three days later, lined up and gunned down in a hail of machine gun bullets.

Like his father before him, Kim Jong-un is a merciless dictator with homicidal tendencies. Take for instance the matter of vice minister of the army Kim Chol.

In October 2012 Chol was executed for “drinking and carousing during the official mourning period after Kim Jong-il’s death.” Kim Jong-il’s little boy gave orders to leave “no trace of [Chol] behind, down to his hair.” After being forced to “stand on a spot zeroed in for a mortar round,” Chol was “obliterated.”

Apparently Kim Jong-un has eclectic tastes in execution methods. Hyon Song-wol wasn’t blown up: she was taken out with gunshots.

A well-known singer and performer with the famous revolutionary and propaganda band Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble as well as the Unhasu Orchestra, Hyon Song-wol and the other performers were arrested for violating domestic laws against pornography.

After some of the prisoners were found to be in possession of Bibles, they were immediately considered political dissidents. What’s wrong with this picture? The Supreme Leader couldn’t come up with something better than porn and Bibles?

Either way, in North Korea, it’s the law: No Bibles and no pornography.

To drive home the ‘no Bibles and no pornography’ point, immediate family and key members of the Unhasu Orchestra, Wangjaesan Light Band, and Moranbong Band members were forced to watch the executions, forbidden to look away.

In Hyon’s case, present at her killing were her husband – an officer in the North Korean military – and her small child, both of whom were sent, along with the family members of the rest of those killed, to a prison camp for the barbaric crime of guilt by association.