The results are in and Kim Jong Un will continue as supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. According to the state-controlled media reports coming out of Pyongyang, Kim Jong Un, the only candidate on the ballot, won unanimous approval to continue his reign.

It also appears every eligible voting citizen of North Korea’s estimated population of 25 million did indeed vote. Miraculously, not a single citizen of the People’s Republic stayed home nor disproves of their “dear leader.” State-run media declared, “This is an expression of all the service personnel and people’s absolute support and profound trust in supreme leader Kim Jong Un as they single-mindedly remain loyal to him.”

North Korea’s citizens did not have a choice of who to vote for, but instead, had an up or down vote. It is not clear what would actually happen if the majority of North Korean people voted “NO” on the ballot, as only one candidate, Kim Jong Un, was allowed to run in the election.

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