“If President Obama wants to make changes to ObamaCare, he must come to Congress,” Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) said on Wednesday.”Two years ago, the Obama Administration, through a memo from a Homeland Security Department bureaucrat, declared it would not enforce our nation’s immigration laws. Now the Obama Administration, through a blog post by an Assistant Secretary in the Treasury Department, is declaring it won’t even enforce its own health care law on employers.”We live in a Constitutional Republic. We are a nation governed by laws written by Congress, not memos and blog posts written by bureaucrats,” King said.

Congress passed the Affordable Care Act without a single Republican vote in March 2010. The law, which runs thousands of pages, requires all Americans to purchase health insurance and most businesses to provide it. The rules outline what basic services businesses must cover, and it establishes fines for individuals and businesses that don’t comply with the various mandates.

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