Oh thank you “Dear Leader” for allowing us, your most UN-worthy subjects the opportunity to see where you live! We will never forget this boon so graciously granted us, by your gracious majesty.

Who does this clown think he’s kidding? The White House, like every other national landmark, monument or park is owned by the citizens of this country. It was strange, that even during the so-called “government shutdown”, that there was enough money and personnel to but up barricades or traffic cones around every single open air monument, park or highway. What, so now we’re supposed to kiss Obama’s backside and be grateful that we’re going to be allowed a “limited access” to where he lives?

Back in March, White House officials said the Secret Service had made the decision to cancel the popular tourist offering due to the across-the-board mandatory budget cuts known as sequestration. Now that a new fiscal year has started and there is a temporary continuing resolution, the Secret Service official said, the agency was able to reallocate funds so its agents could perform the necessary security screening required for an increased number of White House visitors.
What a load of B.S., it was Obama making that call. Those “across-the-board mandatory budget cuts”, were a minuscule amount of an INCREASE in spending, so the canceled tours should never have happened in the first place. That was all just bad political theater from the get-go, designed to punish us and for Obama to drive home a political point. What IS happening thanks to Obama, is crippling policies and rising debt.

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