Hillary Clinton might not get the free ride to the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination she wants, considering moves by supporters of California Gov. Jerry Brown and former Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer to get them to run.

“An anti-Hillary will begin to emerge in the Democratic Party for 2016,” predicts the University of Virginia’s Larry Sabato, the first to suggest that the path to the Democratic nomination could be rocky for the former secretary of state.

In his latest “Crystal Ball,” he says: “Yes, Hillary Clinton is a big favorite to win her party’s nomination for president in 2016. But there’s too much lingering resentment among Democrats for her and her husband, and too much baggage — like Clinton’s 2002 Iraq War vote, which remains a liability more than a decade later — for her not to at least receive at least a minimal challenge from someone for the nomination. One possibility to watch: ex-Gov. Brian Schweitzer of Montana.”

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