When President Obama makes a pitch for more gun-control laws, he likes to have a phalanx of blue-uniformed police officers behind him.

These press conferences are supposed to convince us that law enforcement believes more restrictions on Second Amendment rights makes society safer. But Mr. Obama’s visual is a deception, because only a few liberal, big-city police chiefs continue to put politics over public safety.

I was on a panel Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference to discuss how law enforcement leaders are embracing a well-armed civilian populace to help them fight crime.

I told the audience that I decided to get my first gun two years ago after being a victim of a home invasion in Washington, D.C.

It took me four months to go through the 17 steps required at that time to legally register one handgun.

Now, I cannot take my gun out of my home for self-defense because the nation’s capital is the only place in the country that does not allow American citizens to exercise their right to bear arms.