These judges are not reviewing the federal immigration statutes or the constitutionality of Trumps’ order.    Instead, they’re ruling based on politically biased (personal) opinion.

Of course, the recent orders coming out of the Seattle and Hawaii district courts are also both a part of the 9th Circuit – which ruled against President Trump’s first “travel ban.”

Republicans on Capitol Hill, and other judges have expressed concern over the level of judicial activism taking place…

The Washington Times reports – This week’s rulings against President Trump’s revised executive order on travel and refugees have sparked heated pushback from Republicans on Capitol Hill, who say judges have crossed the line to become adversaries of this White House — and suggested retribution could be coming.

Even some judges seemed worried about the tenor of recent rulings, saying their colleagues appeared to be letting personal beliefs taint their legal reasoning.

“As tempting as it is to use the judicial power to balance those competing interests as we see fit, we cannot let our personal inclinations get ahead of important, overarching principles about who gets to make decisions in our democracy,” Judge Jay Bybee, of the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, wrote in a dissent Wednesday. He said his colleagues erred in not agreeing to rehear Mr. Trump’s defense of his original executive order.

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