It is not about the little children and it never has been.  The Liberals have been hiding behind the “Children” just as a bank robber might hide behind a hostage.  Consider this:  The same people who are saying that we need more gun control “for the children” are the same ones who have been saying “we need the taxpayers to pay for abortions for anyone who wants one.”  If it had been up to the Democrats, some of these children might never have reached childhood because they could have been aborted.  You are crazy if you think the left cares a twit about the children.

The left has been trying to take away America’s Second Amendment for many years.  First they will say it is only the machine guns and that it is to protect the children.  Can anyone tell me of any child that has ever been killed by one of these guns they want to take away.  The fact is, the laws we have in place now would have prevented what has happened in any of these school shootings if the bad guys had simply obeyed the laws that are in place.  We have this little problem though: bad guys don’t obey the laws.  That is why they call them the bad guys.
If stricter gun laws were the answer, there would be no shootings in Chicago, Los Angeles, or New York.  There would not be any drug use violations because we have strict drug laws.  No pedestrian would ever be hit by a car because the pedestrian would not walk when the law said “Don’t Walk”  and a car would never go through a crosswalk when the law said “Stop.” No one would ever beat up their wife, or husband because we have laws against that.  The fact is, if you take guns away from the good guys, only the bad guys will be left with guns.  How do you think that will work out?