Below, Andrew West highlights the left’s ridiculous stance that somehow Colin Kaepernick is unemployable in the NFL due to ‘racism.’  Never mind the collection of legitimate concerns any NFL team might have for picking him up.  Rather, the left is going to snap to a judgement of unfair treatment because of his race.  Consider the following paragraph in an article by David Roth posted to Vice Sports:

If Kaepernick is unemployable in the NFL, it’s because he represents the broader contemporary social movement for social justice, not because he is an unreliable pocket passer or whatever. It’s because people like the ones Trump is pandering to…understand him as a symbol of things they hate.

Seems to only further prove Mr. West’s point…

By Andrew West

Colin Kaepernick and his ridiculous stance on the police in America have landed the washed up quarterback in egregious amounts of hot water this season.

Between his disrespectful kneeling for the National Anthem that spread like wildfire throughout the NFL and his obscene “cops are pigs” clothing choices, Kaepernick has made quite the name for himself in the thuggish, cop-hating circles on the fringes of society.

Now that the cat is out of the bag regarding the lackluster QB’s void of respect for the police and for the nation as a whole, it looks as though his days in the National Football League are virtually over.  For some bizarre reasons, the left is crying foul, and citing racism as the reason for Kaepernick’s downward spiral.

“‘Only last week, Bleacher Report’s Mike Freeman took a look at Kaepernick’s inability to find a new team and noted that many executives don’t want his type of disruption in their locker rooms.’

“‘Over the weekend, a Fox News article revealed that “70 percent of NFL managers genuinely hate” Colin Kaepernick. Many reasons have been listed. Some analysts criticize Kaepernick’s throwing accuracy, others think he isn’t much of a team player because he is a moody loner, and still others say he seems out of his depth when asked to learn new plays and plans.’

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