All of a sudden, it seems, the push to legalize marijuana has gone into hyperspeed, or maybe ludicrousspeed (a little tip of the hat to one of my favorite comedies, Spaceballs).

It seems State after State is legalizing its use in some form or another – for either medicinal or recreational use, or both. Before long it will become legalized throughout the U.S. and then the party can really begin.

Just think of the benefits. Companies, like the recently sainted CVS pharmacy chain will benefit. They announced that as of October 2014, the chain store will no longer sell tobacco products at any of their locations. They claim tobacco has no place in a pharmacy. It’s a private company. They have every right to make such policies.

So far, there is no word of whether they will also be removing the beer and wine – whether or not they will remove all the high sugar candies, sodas and energy drinks, or the high fat and salt snack foods, or the 760 different types of condoms (that’s just an estimate).

Now, with all those evil tobacco products gone, they will have plenty of empty space behind the counter. Perhaps they can fill the void with a tasteful selection of marijuana. Although, if they did that, they could hardly get rid of the junk food.

They may have to set up a microwave to heat up a variety of Hispanic fast foods kept in the freezer case nearby.

It seems a win-win for CVS, despite the fact that marijuana is rolled like a cigarette, lit like one, smoked and inhaled like a cigarette, pot is not inherently evil like cigarettes. That is until Big Tobacco starts mass producing it. Then the leftists will have a quandary on their hands.

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