The 1500-page immigration bill prepared by the bipartisan subcommittee – the gang of eight – will be released one day before the only hearing on the bill.

gang of eight

According to ABC News, the only hearing agreed to by Senator Leahy will be at 2:30pm on Wednesday. The only witness will be Janet Napolitano. The 1500-page bill will reportedly be released on Tuesday, the day before.

Politico claims that Marco Rubio is willingly becoming the face of the immigration bill. He will be making the rounds of the Sunday news shows tomorrow.

Rubio’s requests for multiple hearings have been denied by the gang according to Politico.

Rubio has already pitched the immigration deal to the Senate Judiciary Conservatives and his staff has supposedly consulted with Charles Krauthammer and Conservatives at the National Review online.

Three days ago, the National Review Online posted three questions people should ask about the immigration bill:

  1. Will it encourage future illegal immigration?
  2. Will it increase the problems associated with illegal immigration such as welfare spending?
  3. Will it promote assimilation?

The review said that they are not dead set against any deal but their support depends on the answers to the above questions.

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