With the president’s lackluster campaign and miserable four-year record nearly behind them and the media safely ignoring the Benghazi coverup, Democrats are stepping up the voter intimidation phase of the Obama re-election effort.

King Obama, fresh off a harrowing series of Hurricane Sandy photo ops, returned to his usual ways, calling for supporters to seek “revenge” against Mitt Romney.

At a campaign stop in Ohio on Friday, the sparse crowd began booing at the mention of Romney’s name. The Man Who Would Be King told audience members, “Vote! Voting’s the best revenge!”

“Revenge” for what, exactly? If anyone should be the target of voters’ desire for vengeance, it should be the current officeholder, but logic is the last thing to expect from a campaign that has spent its time focusing on Big Bird, tax returns and persuading young women to lose their virginity. (See a funny parody here.)

Obama and his followers feed each other. They pick up on his hate-mongering vibe and he perpetuates the cycle by encouraging their blood lust. Like yin and yang, it’s hard to tell where one begins and the other ends.

True to form for Democrats, Obama supporters have been burning up Twitter and other social media with threats to riot if the Anointed One does not win on Tuesday.

“I’ma start riot if Obama don’t win,” Vanna Jamie James tweeted in one of the less vulgar posts in the past few days. Along with threats to start riots, there have also been threats to shoot Romney if he wins. (Here’s hoping the Secret Service is on that.
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