The media ‘outrage’ over President Trump’s proposed budget is nothing short of dramatic.  Former CBS anchor, Dan Rather, predicted that “people will die” from the budget cuts.  (Insert tears, and throw the back of your hand against your forehead.)

Listen to the media’s spin, and Trump is out there taking food away from babies, and ensuring the end of life on earth with our climate’s quick demise.

Here are some of the things you won’t hear about the budget.  Last year, Senator Jeff Flake, in his list of wasteful, government spending highlighted the following:

  • Where does it hurt most to be stung by a bee? – $1 million from National Science Foundation and DOD
  • Do drunk birds slur when they sing? – $5 million from National Institutes of Health budget
  • Why does the face of Jesus appear on toast? – $3.5 million from National Institutes of Health budget

Could it be that the funding for this type of ridiculousness might dry up?  Why yes, yes it does.  Budget cuts sting, but honestly they couldn’t possibly sting as bad a bee sting in your nose!

Hey media – real Americans are hurting when their hard-earned money is stripped from their paychecks to pay for this ridiculousness.    So, shut your pie-hole!   Or, put your money where your mouth is and fund your pet projects personally.  It’s a ‘free’ country, right?

The Washington Examiner reports – Anytime the White House or Republicans in Congress propose to trim a government program, brace yourself for the incoming wave of reports about how crucial the program is, and how little it costs compared to the overall federal budget.

As the media tell it, any reduction either eliminates a badly needed government service or its savings are too small to worry about it.

The White House on Thursday released its “America First” budget blueprint and it calls for double-digit reductions in several government programs and departments, including the State Department, EPA, and the Department of Health and Human Services.

It also proposes ending funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and National Endowment for the Arts.

The budget would trim domestic spending in places President Trump thinks are inefficiently managed by the government.

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