Anti-abortionists are accused of being “anti-choice.” When this epithet is leveled at people who oppose abortion, I always ask, “The choice to do what?” Choice is not a neutral term. A choice means a decision to do something. When a woman chooses an abortion, she is choosing to kill her pre-born baby.

If a woman were choosing to get a tattoo, no one would object since her skin is her body. The same is true if she wants to pierce her tongue, navel, or other body part. But what’s growing inside a woman’s womb is not inert matter; it’s a baby.

Democrats who promote a pro-abortion position claim that they are the party of “choice.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

Those pushing homosexual marriage argue that it’s about “equality,” that is, “equality of choice.” If people of the opposite sex can choice what person to marry, then people of the same sex should be able to choose who to marry. Sounds reasonable until you think it through and realize that heterosexuals are denied the same thing that homosexuals are denied: the right to choice someone to marry of the same sex.