Each year in the middle of the Academy Awards, the progressive festivities come to a screeching halt with the obligatory introduction of the “vote tabulators” from Price Waterhouse Cooper.  Two stiff-suited, FBI-looking gentlemen walk onstage carrying a briefcase, smiling awkwardly at the cameras and are talked about as if they’re holding the Holy Grail.  I mean seriously–Lord help us if anyone happened to read the wrong name for that acting trophy—can you imagine the uproar?  Remember the 1992 Oscars when Jack Palance supposedly incorrectly read Marisa Tomei’s name?  The folklore surrounding the story—true or not–still looms around Hollywood.

Even reality shows like American Idol and Survivor now have high profile accounting firms tabulating their votes in order to ensure everything’s on the up-and-up.

Yet when it comes to presidential elections, where are the Price Waterhouse-types?  Where is the top security ensuring our American vote tabulations are counted correctly—and where is the outrage when there are allegations of fraud?

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