Is there any incident of mass death that liberals won’t exploit for political points?

If the behavior of the Sacramento Bee and newspaper cartoonist Jack Ohman is typical, then the answer is no.

The Bee ran an Ohman cartoon that attempts to link Texas Gov. Rick Perry to the recent fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, that killed 14 and injured 200.

The cartoon’s first panel shows Perry at a podium in front of a banner that says “Low Tax! Low Regs!” Perry is saying “Business is booming in Texas.”

The second panel shows the plant exploding, sending Perry’s signs flying.

Ha ha.

Perry has become known for touring the dreg states such as California and luring businesses to Texas by saying that the state’s low taxes and less-meddlesome government are helping the Texas economy to grow rapidly.

He’s been successful at drawing businesses away from California because the far-Left weirdos who run the tarnished Golden State don’t know how to do anything but raise taxes, fees and red tape until the stones bleed. Gov. Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown and the rest of the Marxists keep getting elected because of the votes of the fabulously wealthy Silicon Valley/Sonoma Wine Country set, combined with the too-young-to-know-better and illegal alien fraud vote.

It’s understandable that the once-respectable hometown fish wrapper of a faded backwater capital like Sacramento might be jealous of Perry’s and Texas’ success.