Every now and then as things develop it’s necessary to cut political connections between one group and another, and, for good cause, establish separate operations according to the laws of Nature and God.  Good manners require the initiating party explain the reasons for declaring independence.

First, some background about what we believe and how those beliefs require us to exact severance.

It is obvious that every person is created equal, including babies still preparing to enter the world. All human beings are precious, sacred, created by a loving God. This God endows each one of us with ironclad, inseparable human rights, to name a few, the right to Life, Liberty and the opportunity to work toward Happiness in this world, always understood to mean the right to own private property and to live our lives free of government domination.

Government exists to secure all Rights provided by God. Government can only do its job if it first gets permission from The People.  Government is therefore placed under the control of The People and exists to serve the interests of The People.  The traditional values of the majority of The People, dearly held for millennia, make up the foundational moral code of society, and government, if rightly securing the rights of The People, will respect that foundational code.

When any government begins to run rough shod over The People, or when government behaves in a way that contradicts the will of The People, or when government actually infringes the rights of The People, then The People have an overriding Right and Duty to change their government and make it behave, or, failing that, they have a Right to abolish that abusive government and craft a replacement as they see fit.

Simply put: in America we do not suffer tyrants.

Obviously, the wise will not run about recklessly demanding government be abolished on a whim or for shallow, temporal reasons. Historically, most people would rather endure government abuse hoping matters change as opposed to engaging the very painful and dangerous work of revolution.

However, when abusive government refuses to change, refuses to listen to The Will of The People, and indeed, when such government insists on escalating its abuses against The People, demonstrating a clear intention of moving toward central control, even Despotism, then it is not only the Right of The People but their Duty to throw off such a government and appoint others devoted to serve as protectors of liberty, life and the pursuit of happiness.

For decades, and especially since 2006, the American people have suffered patiently under the increasingly dictatorial rule of government officials and bureaucrats in Washington, D.C., officials who have abused their authority, trampling upon the rights and liberties of The People.

So grievous have these abuses become, especially in the last four years, The People have concluded the usurpations of the federal government exceed those of the King of Great Britain during the 18th century, abuses and deprivations causing the issuance of the first American Declaration of Independence, sparking the American Revolution.

The injuries inflicted upon The People of these sovereign United States by elitist politicians in Washington, and by the current occupant of the White House, are so numerous and so outrageous as to warrant a recounting of their history, demonstrating the clear intention of this government to exert complete control over most aspects of American life, to the destruction of our Constitution, our freedoms and our God-given rights.

Let the facts speak for themselves.  This President and his allies have:  Clash Daily