Remember back a year or two ago? All we heard were complaints by the left that racism was driving the Republican effort for new “more restrictive” voter ID laws. How the poor and minority communities would be effectively locked out of the 2012 elections.

In April 2012, a guy wrote a piece on the website “Sojourners”. Their motto: Faith in Action for Social Justice. That’s not scary!

He explained that, “People concerned about the new voter laws contend that the ID requirements erect an unnecessary barrier for some voters, which raises an obvious question: why is it so difficult for some people to get a photo ID? After all, you just pop down to the motor vehicle bureau, show your birth certificate or passport and a few utility bills from your house to prove your stable address, and voilà! But for many people, it’s not quite so easy, starting with the birth certificate, which many poor people and recent immigrants may not have at their fingertips. And, of course, people without photo IDs don’t have drivers licenses, and likely don’t have a car, so getting to government offices-especially in rural areas without public transportation-can be a complicated, time-consuming process…”

In October 2012, Jeremiah Goulka recounted and experience in 2006: “At the time, my roommate worked at a local bank branch, and that evening when we got into a conversation, he mentioned to me that the bank required two forms of identification to open an account. Of course, who wouldn’t? But then he told me this crazy thing: customers would show up with only one ID or none at all-and it wasn’t like they had left them at home. Really? I said, blown away by the thought of it. Yeah, really, he answered. And here was the kicker: every single one of them was black and poor.”

And then there’s this from the website “Universal Free Press” from December 1, 2013, just a few days ago regarding proposed new voter ID laws: “Ohio representative Marcia Fudge (Democrat) wrote a letter to US Attorney General Eric Holder last week asking him to look over two proposed voting measures she claims are intended to ‘suppress the voting rights of African-Americans and other minorities’. ‘I am concerned about restrictive legislation concerning voter identification… and seek your assistance’.”

Obviously there are many hundreds if not thousands of complaints all across the Internet. The theme is always the same: if you are for the requirement of ID to vote, you are a racist.

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