The conventional wisdom inside the beltway is Jeb Bush’s biggest impediment to being the Republican nominee in 2016 is his enthusiastic support for amnesty and Common Core, which are non-starters for the GOP base.

As usual, the 202 area code’s conventional wisdom is wrong: Jeb’s biggest obstacle to being the third member of the Bush clan elected president is himself.

Let’s face it, John McCain was and continues to be the very face of amnesty, and he even brokered a pro-amnesty deal with Ted Kennedy of all people, but he still won the nomination in 2008. Conservatives despise Obamacare most of all. Yet its architect, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, was the GOP nominee in 2012.

Until a champion emerges who is capable of coalescing enough tea partiers, social conservatives, and libertarians to win the nomination, we could see a repeatin 2016 of what happened in 2008 and 2012. That means if we in the grassroots haven’t learned our lesson, you could very well see another establishment candidate take advantage of a splintered conservative base to capture the nomination.

And Jeb Bush is best positioned currently to be that candidate.

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