Senator John McCain told a radio show recently that Americans should “accept” the notion that their private conversations are being recorded by the government, even in the privacy of their own homes.

McCain was asked by host Dan Patrick what his thoughts were on the Donald Sterling controversy, in particular the concept of private conversations being recorded and then released publicly. Sterling’s controversial remarks became public after his girlfriend V. Stiviano taped hundreds of hours of private discussions between the two.

“What about taping somebody in his own home, using that…..” asked Patrick.

“It’s the world we’re living in, you don’t like it, but everything I say I expect to be recorded,” McCain responded.“It’s just the way we live, Dan. It’s something you’ve got to accept. I don’t particularly like it, but it is what it is,” added the Senator, making reference to a recent poll which revealed that 53% of Americans believed their telephone conversations were being listened to.

McCain went on to remark that young people were naive about government surveillance of private communications because the country had forgotten the lessons of 9/11.

“We’re all grown people and we have to realize we live in the 21st century,” added McCain.

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