Sen. John McCain opposed the strategy of some Republicans that led to the partial government shutdown and he says he hopes they have learned the lesson he and his colleagues learned in 1995.

McCain and others say Republicans caught the blame for that shutdown, and that’s why there hasn’t been another one until now.

“After ’95 we waited all these years before we tried this idiotic experiment again,” McCain said Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “On the Record.” “And I hope it’ll be another 15 or 20 years … before we do it again.”

The Arizona Republican repeated his criticism of Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, calling his leading of those who tried to tie defunding Obamacare to the federal budget resolution “a fool’s errand.”

Cruz may say he’s standing with the American people, but, McCain noted, 74 percent of the public disapproves of Republicans as a result of the shutdown. The American people also have been hurt “to the tune of $40 billion while we went through an exercise that could not succeed,” McCain said.

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